Pyjama S-21 Single 2019

Olle Hellström´s first single from the forthcoming album
”Nowadays” (Album release september 2019).



Pyjama S-20 Single 2015

Europa – an 80´s swedish rock band who later changed their name to B.C. and the Envelopes because the swedish hair metal band Europe stole their name.
The single ”Annorlunda” was and is a tribute to the british pop band Squeeze and when Glenn Tilbrook from Squeeze heard the song he promised to ”produce Europa anytime”.
Originally released 1983.

Pyjama S-19 Single 2013

Just in time for winter darkness and Christmas Mathias Holmgren is now releasing his long-awaited and well-liked version of Ted Ström´s epic Winter’s Tale.
A timeless and appealing description of the melancholic, dark and beautiful Sweden.
”The world’s best Swedish song, which I think people will relate to, despite previously popular recordings with Jerry Williams and Monica Törnell,” says Mathias who now has decided to release a remastered version as a single.

Pyjama 06 Album 2013

“We are the debutants” is The Ohios first album, consisting of 10 original songs in the vein of The Sounds/Blondie. The album features Matilda Jansson on lead vocals and also contains 2 duets with Matilda and the famous Swedish actor Joakim Nätterqvist (see feature film “Arn”) The songs were recorded in Brussels/Stockholm and are produced and mixed by Fredrik Söderström and John Rammelt (aka Princess & Mr. Tom).
Two of the songs (“Avalanche” and “The blond girl”) will be featured in the Horror/Comedy film “American Burger” scheduled for release early 2014.



Pyjama S-18 Single 2013

The Ohios were formed in Stockholm 2011 by Fredrik Söderström (songwriter) and Matilda Jansson from Stockholm/Eksjö.”The blond girl” is taken from their forthcoming debut album” We are the debutants” which is recorded in Brussels/Stockholm and produced and mixed by Fredrik Söderström and John Rammelt. The album is to be released at the end of september.

Pyjama S-17 Single 2013

”Every sorrow claims happiness” are a duet with Matilda from The Ohios and famous swedish actor Joakim Nätterqvist.(See feature film ”Arn”)
The Ohios were formed in 2011 by Fredrik Söderström (songwriter) and Matilda Jansson from Eksjö.
Their forthcoming debut album, ’We are the Debutants’ are to be released in the beginning of September 2013.

Pyjama S-16 Single 2013

Second single from swedish popsinger Fredric Berinne

Pyjama S- 15 Single 2013

The Ohios were formed in 2011 by Fredrik Söderström (songwriter) and Matilda Jansson from Stockholm/Eksjö.
The group has now added two more members, Filip Sandås on bass and Mårten Fredholm on drums.
Their debut album, ’We are the Debutants’, is recorded in Brussels/Stockholm and produced and mixed by Fredrik Söderström and John Rammelt.



Pyjama S-14 Single 2011

Nineteen year old Sarah Bednar from Stockholm releases her second single in a year.
Dance/Pop at it´s best with a touch of ABBA.

Pyjama S-13 Single 2011

First single from swedish popsinger Fredric Berinne

Pyjama S-12 Single 2011

Electronica Pop with famous Elin Ruth Sigvardsson on vocals.



Pyjama S-11 Single 2010

First single from Sarah Bednar – Euro/Dance

Pyjama 05 Album 2010

”Lost” is Princess & Mr Tom’s debut album with many interesting guest artists on vocals including Elin Ruth Sigvardsson, Dilba, Frida Ohrn, Frida Snell and Nicolai Dunger.


Pyjama 04 Album 2009

”Walk Between the Raindrops” is Suss von Ahn’s fourth album and a jazz cover album with many of the songs that Suss sings live. From Steely Dan to Cole Porter.

With Johan Löfcrantz Ramsay on drums, Martin Sjöstedt bass, Mathias Algotsson piano and Robert Nordmark tenor sax.
The album is a collaboration between Pyjama Records and the Japanese record label ”Spice of Life”.

It ́s only a paper moon – 2008 Spice of life

The japanese version of ”Walk between the raindrops” published by the japanese record company Spice of life.
Contains ”Georgia on my mind” which doesn ́t appear in the swedish edition.


Pyjama S-10 Single 2009

Mathias Holmgren sings the true story of the african boy Shukur who lost his parents.

Pyjama S-09 Single 2007

Jonah has long been a ”scene pioneer” including the lead role in the Swedish stage version of Moulin Rouge, dinner show with Anna Book in 2006 and is a frequent choreographer for television and film. ”Summer High” is a little pop-jewel, and Jonah’s second single. Listen to the chorus and see where songwriters to ”I kissed a girl” by Katy Perry got inspiration from!

Pyjama S-08 Single 2007

When 16 years old Ninja got a modeling contract with Jean Paul Gultier but after six years on the catwalk in Paris, London and New York Ninja is now focusing on music. She has already made it big back home in Finland and is now aiming for Europe.

Pyjama S-07 Single 2007

Paul was considered a favourite in Swedish Idol 2004.
With his emotion and intensity he went all the way to sixth place.

Pyjama S-06 Single 2006

”Fe Fi” is a typical Rednex-hit, ie, pumping dance beats with elements of violin and banjo, and makes you think back to 1994 and the world hit ”Cotton Eye Joe”.

Rednex is one of the most successful groups with more than 10 million records sold. The group has toured continuously since 1994 and played incredible 2500 concerts worldwide. With the song ”FeFi (The old man died)” they are back with the traditional Rednex-sound again and the reactions to the song from radio stations around the world have been overwhelmingly positive.

Pyjama 03 – Album 2006

In the follow up to Zeldas Park(2004) Suss shows once more her strenght as composer and singer.Some jazz and some pop. One of two cover songs on the album is ”Alone again, naturally” which is taken from Suss’ Japan album ”Cry Me A River ”.

Pyjama S-05 Single 2006

Second single taken from the album ”Train to Stockholm”

Pyjama S-04 Single 2006

First single taken from the album ”Train to Stockholm”

Cry me a river – 2005 Spice of life

The Japanese version of ”Zeldas Park” published in Japan by the Japanese record company ”Spice of life”.
The songs ”Alone again, naturally” and ”Sometimes it snows in April” are added.

Pyjama S-03 Single 2005

Jenny has toured with Arena Theatre throughout Europe starring in the musicals Hair and Rent. Don ́t say goodbye resembles ABBA and was written by inhouse composer Daniel Lindforss.

Pyjama 02 – Album – 2004

13 original songs in the vein of Brenda Russel,Norah Jones and Eva Cassidy.Suss partly grew up in Afrika, where her interest in music was born. Back home in Sweden her music career took momentum in Umeå when her debut album was released 1994. Suss has appeared in the TV shows ”Blix från klar himmel”, ”Cafe Umeå”, ”Go ́kväll”, and played at Falu Jazz& Blues Festival” , ”Umeå International Jazzfestival” och ”Stockholm Jazzfestival”



Pyjama S-02 – Single 2004

Taken from the album ”Ett blått hjärta”.

Pyjama S-01 – Single 2003

Taken from the album ”Zeldas Park”

Pyjama 01 – Album 2003

Pop from Piteå! Thomas Nyström ́s (former member of Merrymakers) first solo album with pop in swedish. Thomas writes in a personal tone and his strong melodies really sticks.